Hosting An OFA Heart & Eye Clinic and Paw Print Genetic Testing

I will be hosting an OFA Heart & Eye Health Clinic and Paw Print Genetic testing at my Kennel Saturday April 27th, 2019...9 am-?

This is for all breeds and open to the public.

Board-Certified Cardiologist & Ophthalmologist  Dr. Sikorska & Dr. Keller from PVSEC will do Auscultations for $45, Echocardiograms for $215 (regularly $500-$1000 at the office) Eye Screenings for $40.  Genetic Tests will be available, Breed Specific 50% off, Other Genetic Tests    30 % Off. These clinics are wonderful because they allow a specialist to listen for and evaluate any heart or eye issues at a HUGE discounted rate for everyday pet owners, not just breeders.  They will be listening for murmurs etc. and screening for cataract etc.  Genetic Testings test for Breed Specific Diseases and Conditions.

For the heart, Dogs must be 1 yr old to receive an OFA Number.  6-12 months will be considered a preliminary.  They can receive a number at any age for the eyes.  Screenings for eyes is to be done yearly For Some Breeds.  Genetic Testing can be done at any age.

Let me be clear that OFA Clinics are usually only done for breeders but I am having this for breeders and pet owners just wanting to make sure their pet's heart and eyes are healthy.  A Cardiologist & Ophthalmologist Specialist will be evaluating your animal not just a vet...that is huge!!!  So I hope that some of you can take advantage of this.

An appointment and prepayment is required.   Check or Money Order only made payable to Chrissy Harp

To schedule please call/text me at 814-229-7495 or email to  
Feel free to share this with anyone (breeders or pet owners) but most of all with someone that already has a pet with a heart or eye issue, they will save a ton of money this way :)

Thank You!!!